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May 20, 2006





Right on.

David did encourage that, didn't he?

I remember like yesterday, on a fine spring mornin' like we had today, you and I were finishing up smoking some god knows what, and decided to throw some cooked lentils in the smoker while the chips were still going. For the helluvit. Funny, I can't remember what we fired the smoker up for that day, but I remember that we kept fussing with those lentils until we got it right and but it on the menu with grilled swordfish.

I agree with everything you said man. Look to the extreme and the simple.

I was talking with a friend recently and drunkenly, the topic being what binds a group of good friends together. I told her I wasn't sure but all my friends, regardless of anything else, all love the food and hooch.

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