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July 29, 2006


John Stevens

I gotta say that I've loved the Tattare since I was about 16. My first REAL on the job taught skill. Because it is a SKILL that has been lost over the years, and for that i'm truely greatfull that you gave a recipe, cause I'm gonna make tomorrow. I was taught how to make it for one specific sutomer who came into the old Purcellville Inn (remember that place?) every Sunday for Tartare to go. Even though it wan't on the menu we made it and it was something I never though i would ever eat, but it was awesome. I've had several other memorable Tartare moments; When your grandfather bought dinner for the family at 1789 Restaurant, I ordered it as an app. It was so big I couldn't finish it; in Switzerland in 1992 when it was made table side by the wait captain. Watching him grind the garlic and anchovy, then adding the mustard and, finally, the oil, and folding in the other ingredients will always stick with me, because it made the taste that much more remarkable.
Tartare is a going the way of lost classics because people just forget what it's about. Foie Gras is heading that way, but for different reasons. It's important for those who love food to take advantage of these things when they're available, lest we forget.

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