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July 26, 2007



Read this post on DP. My Gran is 95 and her hearing aid dates back to the 80s. She's almost imposible to communicate with, but the "wonderful" (per Mikey Moore) Canadian health care system won't buy her a new one because she's too old. I'd gladly pay for it myself (as many Canadians do with health care in Canada after the gummint denies them help) if I know what it is. I couldn't find your email addy on DP or here.
Here's a email I've set to expire after two uses:
Let me know.
Congrats on the whole new world!
Thanks much;


Oh Chef;

So moving. I was sitting here reflecting on what I would miss if sound stopped for me. The obvious things, like music. The sound of my kitten purring contentedly on my lap after I fish him out of the john yet another time. Birds. Even the traffic on the road past my house. But most of all, as you noted, the voices of the ones I love.

Funny. I almost envy you the delight of the auditory discoveries you're going to make.



I've been losing my hearing for years, partly due to faulty genes and partly due to loudness I foolishly didn't muffle. Anyway, I got my hearing aids 3 years ago so that I wouldn't miss out on anything my (then) brand new grandson had to say. BEST investment ever! So, give up the brand name you went with; they sound even smaller than my ReSound Airs. My father-in-law is contemplating a new hearing aid and since his hearing loss is more than mine, I'd like to steer him towards something like you've described. Thanks!


I can't wait to see them--and maybe try them on? I've been told it's time for me to upgrade. The last one dates from 1995--What a long time ago that was--!!

Rebecca Kavel

It's already been 4 years since you've started wearing a digital hearing aid. Have you ever changed your hearing aid over that time? BTW, your story is very inspirational and uplifting.

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