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November 09, 2008



American Thinker has an associated article re: Dem voters wanting reconciliation with Rep voters (a "52-48" lovefest of sorts). This "we can still be friends" notion among Rep voters is also going over like a lead ballon. To paraphrase one Rep voters sentiments "...after 8 years of Bush bashing and viciously attacking Palin, now you want to play nice? Nah..."
And the policy war hasn't even started yet.


The reason we can't get along is that getting along isn't the issue. The real issue in this country is the media. Their role is to provide WE the people with the information we need to make informed decisions about our country. They have decided to take that away from 51% of the population because that 51% is not intellectually curious enough to watch anything but the evening news and the media is now deciding what information to share, what to hide and what to spin in the direction they want. Any mistakes or broken promises Obama makes will be reported to the masses as things he had to do because George Bush made such a mess.

Our founding Fathers realized how important a free press was and how powerful it is but never imagined that the press en mass would become a propaganda arm of one of the parties. Since a free press IS so important and powerful, and has been almost wholly corrupted, I'd say there is very little to be optimistic about. Most of the people I met who voted for Obama said they were doing so because it was time to stop the rich people from taking advantage of the country. That is a very mean and angry reason to vote as they did and that was fueled 100% by the liberals in the media. Demonizing Fox News, The Fairness doctrine being applied only to talk radio are the ways they will attempt to take full control over what we know.

I can stand by the will of the American people when I know they are making informed decisions. When they are voting for a President for the same reasons they vote for American Idol this country is in very serious trouble.

What's that quote from Star Wars? "So that's how Democracy dies, with resounding applause" is what we are looking at. Just wait until our new President needs "special powers" because of the mess George Bush left so he can fix everything ala Chavez.

No, if you love this country and the freedom it once stood for then you will not be optimistic you will be gearing up for a fight where the future of the principles this county was founded on will be under direct and relentless attack.


JD you're preaching to the choir, my man. Other fun things coming down the pike include the downsizing of the military, the creation of a "domestic securtiy force," a tightening up of the 2nd Amendment, the confiscation of 401K's for redistribution ala social security. Nationalizing of more business and industry b/c the "bailouts don't seem to be working..." Maybe a couple of SCOTUS justices will retire to help solidify the Fairness Doctrine. Connecting all these dots may sound conspiratorial to the those who couldn't be bothered to follow their government's actions, but to me its plain as the nose on my face, and the Dems aren't making any bones about it. God help us all.
p.s. the Star Wars quote was also associated with the Patriot Act passage. It's far more fitting here.

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